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The visually stunning Carlton Hotel is big on colour and big on personality, making this beautiful venue one of the best bars in Melbourne. With its unique design and aesthetics, The Carlton is truly one of the leading landmark bars Melbourne has to offer.

Bars Melbourne VictoriaIf you dream of sipping cocktails in an avant-garde environment that feels like David Lynch meets Hunter S. Thompson on holiday in Koh Phi Phi, whilst listening to a sexy twist on everything, you are here. It is this heady mix of sexy, fantasy and fun that makes the Carlton one of the bars Melbourne is talking about.

The historic Carlton Hotel was transformed by Tracey Lester 6 years ago into not only one of the best bars in Melbourne but also one of the top ten bars in Australia. Tracey has revolutionized bars in Melbourne by bringing to life a stale, old industry with a fresh, modern approach in design and aesthetic.

On the inside, the booths, bar and dining room offer a plush, velvety, flossed, romantic atmosphere, which contrasts the surreal backdrop of the CBD against a tropical paradise.

The Carlton not only caters for a diverse crowd but also for a variety of needs. Be it a corporate function space or party venue, dinner date or cocktails on a breezy sunset afternoon on a rooftop bar, we have it all, so why shouldn’t you?

“The crowd here can be quite wonderful, almost like a surprise packet of mixed lollies: you might see a few suits quenching a hard-earned thirst, the hipster crowd enjoying the irony of the stuffed ostrich, and a couple of drag queens at home amongst the flamboyance.”

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